Ulefone uSmart E02 Dual Camera Endoscope 3.0 for Armor Pad 2, Armor 24, Armor 21, Armor 19/19T, Armor 18/18T, Armor 16 Pro, Armor 13, Armor 9/9E, IP67 Waterproof, 7 LED Lights, 2m semi-Rigid Cable sale

  • This endoscope is compatible with more exclusive devices with uSmart Expansion Connector such as Ulefone Armor Pad 2, Armor 24, Armor 21, PowerArmor 19 Series, Power Armor 18 Series, Power Armor 16 Pro, Power Armor 13, Armo9/9E, it can easy to install andworks smoothly with the device.
  • Designed with 1 camera on the front and 1 camera onthe side, this endoscope assists you to view thingsfrom more directions or angles. And compared withthe previous endoscope with single camera, it iseasier to watch from the side and the images areclearer without auxiliary tools. And the camera canbe quickly switched by pressing the function button. (Short press for switching camera, long press for pictures).
  • The 2 meters length of the semi-rigid cable enables you toreach deep into the pipes, sewer, and more. And it can be benito adjust for the inspection of kitchen plumbing, pipeline, airconditioner. car engine or other narrow, confined places.
  • There are 7 LED lights inside the front camera andside camera of the endoscope, whose brightnesscan be adjusted by the rotatable wheel on thecable. Great brightness from the 7 LEDs makes it possible to shoot clearly in the dark.
  • The cable and the camera are waterproof to lP67 standard. lt is safe to put theendoscope into places with water, such as drain pipe, sewer, toilet, etc. Please do not stay in water for a long time.