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Acer Aspire 3810 AS09D31 (6 Cells) Black

Acer Aspire 3810 AS09D31 (6 Cells) Black

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  Acer TravelMate Timeline 8371 8471 8571 AS09F34 AS09D71 AS09D31


Capacity: 4400mah



Fart Number:

AS09D34, AS09D36, AS09D56, AS09D70 , AS09D31, AS09D71, AS09F34Fit Laptop Models:


Aspire 4810T series Aspire 4810-4439, Aspire 4810T-352G32Mn, Aspire 4810T-353G25Mn Aspire 4810T-8480, Aspire 4810TG-R23, Aspire 4810TG-R23F Aspire 4810TZ-4011

Aspire 5810T series Aspire 5810T-354G32MAspire 5810T-8929, Aspire 5810T-8952 Aspire 5810T-944G32Mn, Aspire 5810T-D34, Aspire 5810T-D34F Aspire 5810TG-D45, Aspire 5810TG-D45F, Aspire 5810TZ-4112 Aspire 5810TZ-4238, Aspire 5810TZ-4274, Aspire 5810TZ-4657

Aspire Timeline 3810 Series Aspire Timeline 3810T

Aspire Timeline 4810 Series Aspire Timeline 4810T Series Aspire Timeline 5810 Series

  Aspire Timeline 5810T Series Aspire 5538, Aspire 5538G

TravelMate Timeline 8371 Series TravelMate 8371-352G32n, TravelMate 8371-353G25n, TravelMate 8371-354G32n TravelMate 8371-733G32n, TravelMate 8371-944G08n, TravelMate 8371-944G32n TravelMate 8371-944G50n


TravelMate Timeline 8471 Series TravelMate 8471-353G25Mn, TravelMate 8471-733G25Mn TravelMate 8471-944G32Mn, TravelMate 8471-944G50Mn


TravelMate Timeline 8571 Series TravelMate 8571-353G25Mn, TravelMate 8571-733G25Mn TravelMate 8571-943G25Mn, TravelMate 8571-944G32Mn


Voltage 10.8V
Capacity 5200mAH
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Cell 6Cell
Color Black
Weight 10.93 oz / 310 g
Dimensions 10.62 x 1.97 x 0.79" / 27 x 5 x 2 cm (L x W x H)
Replace Part Number

AK.006BT.082, BT.00603.110, AS01B41, AS10B31, AS10B3E, AS10B41, AS10B51, AS10B5E

AS10B61, AS10B6E, AS10B71, AS10B73, AS10B75, AS10B7E, AS10E7E

Compatible with

Acer Aspire 3820T 3820TG 4820T 4820TG 5820T 5820TG Series

Acer AS3820T AS3820TG AS4820T AS4820TG AS5820T AS5820TG Series

Acer TimelineX 3820T 3820TG 4820T 4820TG 5820T 5820TG Series

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