Replacement Keyboard for Samsung NP300E5A NP300E5C NP300V5A NP305E5A NP305V5A NP355V5C NP550P5C Series Laptops Black US Layout by LaptopKing - 1 Year Warranty

Compatible Models:
Samsung NP300E5A Series: NP300E5A-A01CA NP300E5A-A02CA NP300E5A-A04CA NP300E5A-A05CA NP300E5A-A06CA NP300E5A-A07CA NP300E5A-A08CA NP300E5A-S01CA

Samsung NP300E5C Series: NP300E5C-A02CA NP300E5C-A06CA NP300E5C-A06CA NP300E5C-A0BCA NP300E5C-S01CA

Samsung NP300V5A Series: NP300V5A-A02CA NP300V5A-S01CA NP300V5A-S02CA NP300V5A-S03CA NP300V5A-S04CA NP300V5A-S05CA NP300V5A-S07CA NP300V5A-S08CA NP300V5A-S09CA NP300V5A-S0ACA

Samsung NP305E5A Series: NP305E5A-A01CA NP305E5A-S01CA NP305E5A-S03CA NP305E5A-S04CA NP305E5A-S05CA

Samsung NP305V5A Series: NP305V5A-S01CA NP305V5A-S02CA NP305V5A-S04CA NP305V5A-T01CA

Samsung NP355V5C Series: NP355V5C-A02CA NP355V5C-A03CA NP355V5C-A04CA

Samsung NP550P5C Series: NP550P5C-S03CA NP550P5C-T01CA

100% Brand New and High Quality Keyboard

*****1 Year Warranty*****details in help section of Amazon Store

Check Youtube for Step by Step Installation Process

Each keyboard is tested before shipping and are 100% working

Replace your faulty, cracked or broken keyboard with LaptopKing range of replacement keyboards

Package Include: 1 X Replacement Keyboard