LaptopKing Replacement Keyboard for IBM Lenovo Ideapad G500S G505S G510S S500 S510 S510P Z510 Z510-IFI Flex 15 Flex 15D Series Laptops Black US Layout with Frame - 1 Year Warranty

Compatible Models: IBM Lenovo Ideapad G500S G505S S500 S510P Z510 Z510-IFI Z510-ITH S500 S500 Touch, S510P, S510p Touch , Z510 Z510A Z510-ISE FLEX 15 FLEX15 FLEX15D FLEX15AP-IFI FLEX 2-15D FLEX 2-15

Compatible Part Numbers: 25211050 25211028 25211020 59387570 59401418 59406579 59406940 MP-12U73US-686 T6E1-US / MP-12U7 V-136520PS1 V-136520LS1

Note: Can not be used for Lenovo G500 and G50 laptop

*****1 Year Warranty*****details in help section of Amazon Store

Check Youtube for Step by Step Installation Process

Each keyboard is tested before shipping and are 100% working

Replace your faulty, cracked or broken keyboard with LaptopKing range of replacement keyboards

Package Include: 1 X Replacement Keyboard