LaptopKing Replacement Keyboard for HP Pavilion DV6-1000 Series and HP Pavilion DV6-2000 Series 9J.N0Y 82.30A Laptops Black US Layout - 1 Year Warranty

HP Pavilion DV6-1000 Series: dv6-1265tx dv6-1266tx dv6-1268nr dv6-1268tx dv6-1270la dv6-1280us dv6-1299lx dv6-1303tu dv6-1306ew dv6-1308ew dv6-1309tx dv6-1310eq dv6-1310sl dv6-1310tx dv6-1314tx dv6-1315tx dv6-1316tx dv6-1318tx dv6-1320eq dv6-1320sl dv6-1320sp dv6-1322tx dv6-1325tx dv6-1330ea dv6-1330ep dv6-1330eq dv6-1330sp dv6-1330tx dv6-1331tx dv6-1334tx dv6-1334us dv6-1335tx dv6-1340ea dv6-1340sl dv6-1350sl dv6-1350us dv6-1351nr dv6-1352dx dv6-1353cl dv6-1354us dv6-1355dx dv6-1359wm dv6-1360us dv6-1361sb dv6-1362nr dv6-1363cl dv6-1375dx dv6-1378nr dv6-1380ek dv6-1441ee dv6-1444ee dv6-1446ee dv6-1460el dv6t-1000 CTO dv6t-1100 CTO dv6t-1200 CTO dv6t-1300 CTO dv6z-1000 CTO dv6z-1100 CTO

HP Pavilion DV6-2000 Series: dv6-2158nr dv6-2158tx dv6-2159ee dv6-2159tx dv6-2160el dv6-2162nr dv6-2162sl dv6-2163sl dv6-2163tx dv6-2164ca dv6-2164ee dv6-2164sl dv6-2166sb dv6-2168sl dv6-2170sl dv6-2170us dv6-2171ee dv6-2171nr dv6-2171sl dv6-2173cl dv6-2175tx dv6-2176tx dv6-2180us dv6-2182nr dv6-2190ep dv6-2190us dv6-2192el dv6t-2000 CTO dv6t-2300 CTO dv6z-2000 CTO dv6z-2100 CTO

Compatible Part Numbers: 9J.N0Y 82.30A NSK-HA 30A

100% Brand New and High Quality Keyboard

Layout: US Layout | Color: Black

*****1 Year Warranty*****details in help section of Amazon Store

Check Youtube for Step by Step Installation Process

Each keyboard is tested before shipping and are 100% working

Replace your faulty, cracked or broken keyboard with LaptopKing range of replacement keyboards

Package Include: 1 X Replacement Keyboard