LaptopKing M.2 SATA Enclosure, B & M Key SATA Based NGFF SSD Converter to 2.5 Inch SATA 3.0 Card, Support 2230 2242 2260 2280 Hard Drive with 7mm Case - 1 Year Warranty

1.Please Check Your M.2 SSD is SATA Channel or PCI-E Channel on it's Brand Website Before Ordering.Support All Size 22*30/22*42/22*60/22*80mm M.2 NGFF(SATA) B key and B+M Key SSD,DO NOT support PCI-E based B key & any M key M.2 SSD(such as NVMe).
2.The design of four fixation installation location for the adapter card,the fixeg default location in 22*80mm size place,there is a copper cylinder in a bag, if is other size of the ssd,placing copper cylinder in the appropriate place.
4.This product performance is being improved unceasingly, like has the change, not separate informs even slightly.Pictures for reference only, subject to our available products.
5.Please cancel the hard disk password if your hard drive set a password in the original computer, The other computer doesn't recognize the hard disk if the password not cancel.

Socket B key M.2 NGFF SSD(SATA transfer mode) to 2.5" SATA adapter.
The speed and other properties are not changed,only form conversion interface.
You can connect it to desktop or laptop.
Transparent to the operating system and does not require any software drivers.

Suport the following form factor M.2 NGFF(SATA) B/B+M Key SSD:
Type 2230-D2-B-M: 30mm(L) x 22mm(W)
Type 2242-D2-B-M: 42mm(L) x 22mm(W)
Type 2260-D2-B-M: 60mm(L) x 22mm(W)
Type 2280-D2-B-M: 80mm(L) x 22mm(W)

Iterfation: M.2 NGFF(SATA Channel) to 2.5" SATA.
Material: plastic.
Size: 10cm x 7cm x 0.8cm / 3.94inch x 2.76inch x 0.31inch.

Package Contents:
1x M.2 NGFF to SATA Converter Adapter Case Enclosure Screws