LaptopKing Replacement CPU Cooling Fan for HP TouchSmart 23 Omni 27 AIO All in One 669117-001 MFB0251V1-C000-S9A KUC1012D-BF22-1 Year Warranty

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Compatible Model Numbers: 

Pavilion Touchsmart All-in-one Desktop 23-f316ef 23-f350ef 23-F210EV 23-f316a 23-F217C 23-f329 23-f380la 23-f269 23-F215EO
23-f340ef 23-f315ef 23-f340et 23-f304er 23-F225EF 23-f315a 23-f410ee 23-F213W 23-F210EO 23-F210ED 23-F210EA 23-F209EB
23-F207A 23-f460xt 23-f301eo 23-f339 23-f279 27-1010T 23-f325a 23-f313a 23-f305a 23-f310ef 23-F206A 23-F215EF 23-f309
23-F205EO 23-f280d 23-F221EA 23-F205ET 23-F205A 23-f400eg 23-f260xt 23-f330et 23-f303er 23-f260ea 23-F202A 23-F201ET
23-f255ea 23-f251d 23-f250z 23-f250 23-f240ez 23-f240ef 23-f230tw 23-f230ex 23-F230ER 23-F220ER 23-F220EK 23-F204ES
23-f204a 23-f203es 23-F203A 23-F202IN 23-F202ES 23-F201ER 23-F201EP 23-F201EC 23-F201A 23-F200FB 23-F200EU 23-F200ER
23-F200EJ 23-F200EG 23-F200EC 23-F200BR 23-F200A 23-f306er 23-F210ER 23-F200EQ 23-f340ea 23-f280la 23-f281ea 23-f289la
23-f450z 23-F260XT 23-F460XT.

Compatible Part Numbers: 669117-001, MFB0251V1-C000-S9A, KUC1012D-BF22

Power Connection: 4-pin 4-wire

Each fan is tested before shipping and are 100% working

Replace your faulty, cracked or broken fan with LaptopKing range of replacement fans

Package Includes : 1 X Replacement CPU Cooling Fan