Lenovo Quadro P2000 Graphic Card - 5 GB GDDR5-4 x DisplayPort - PC sale

Brand Lenovo
Graphics coprocessor NVIDIA Quadro P2000
Video output interface DisplayPort
Graphics processor manufacturer NVIDIA
Graphics RAM type GDDR5

Lenovo Quadro P2000 Graphic Card - 5 GB GDDR5 - 4 x DisplayPort - PC

Features & Benefits

  • "Key performance features and capabilities include:
  • - 5GB GDDR5 graphics memory allows designers and animators to model, store and render characters and scenes at unprecedented scsale, complexity and richness
  • - 1024 streaming multiprocessor cores deliver incredible performance with a peak power consumption of 75W in a cool and quiet single solt form factor
  • - supports four simultaneous display and up to 5K resolution with VESA DisplayPort 1.4
  • - comes with high-profile bracket,Renewed 100% compatible with ThinkStation specified tower form factor machines"