Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android Devices, and Windows Tablets

Works across devices: The Universal Foldable Keyboard was designed to work with iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone.
Ultra-thin and lightweight: Only 5mm thin, the innovative, foldable design easily fits into a purse, bag, or pocket.
Bluetooth Smart: Clutter-free and reliable experience utilizing the latest in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, consuming less power.
Easy on/Easy off: Open the keyboard to connect to your tablet or smartphone. Simply close the keyboard to shut it down.
Full-size keyset: The full-size keyset provides fast, accurate typing.
Spill-resistant design: Water repellent keyset and fabric helps protect against accidents.
Rechargeable battery: The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to three months of usage on a single charge.

For your tablet and smartphone
Works across devices
Ultrathin and lightweight
Spill-Resistant design, water repellent keyset and fabric helps protect against accidents
Compact, foldable design, innovative, foldable design lets you easily fit the keyboard into a purse, bag, or pocket