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Samsung AD-9019 AC ADAPTER 19V 4.74AMP 90W

Samsung AD-9019 AC ADAPTER 19V 4.74AMP 90W

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AC Adapter for Samsung AD-9019-90W


Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz  Output: 19V 4.74A  Connecter size:5.5*3.0mm


 Part number:

AD-9019, AD-9019S , AD-9019N , BA44-00147A , PA-1900-08S, AD-9019M, NBP001324-00, API3AD05, AA-PA1N90W,?  BA44-00215A, NBP001518-00, AD-8019, SPA-V20, SPA-V20E/E

Compatible Models:

Samsung A10  Samsung G15  Samsung GT6000, GT7000, GT8000 and GT9000  Samsung M30, M40, M50, M55, M60, M70 series  Samsung P10, P10c, P20, P20c, P25, P28, P29, P30, P35  Samsung P40, P50, P55, P60, P200, P210  Samsung P400, P410, P500, P510 and P560  Samsung Q1, Q1 Ultra, Q35, Q40, Q45, Q70  Samsung R20+, R40, R45, R50, R60+, R65, R70, R700  Samsung T10  Samsung V20, V25  Samsung VM6000, VM7000, VM8000  Samsung X1, X05, X06, X10, X10 Plus, X11, X15, X15 Plus  Samsung X20, X22, X25, X30, X50, X60, X65

Compatible Models :


Samsung NP200   Samsung NP400  


Samsung Q320   Samsung NP-Q320   Samsung NT-Q320  

Samsung Q322   Samsung NP-Q322   Samsung NT-Q322  

Samsung Q428   Samsung NP-Q428   Samsung NT-Q428  

Samsung R423   Samsung NP-R423   Samsung NT-R423  

Samsung R428   Samsung NP-R428   Samsung NT-R428  

Samsung R429   Samsung NP-R429   Samsung NT-R429  

Samsung R430   Samsung NP-R430   Samsung NT-R430  

Samsung R431   Samsung NP-R431   Samsung NT-R431  

Samsung R439   Samsung NP-R439   Samsung NT-R439  

Samsung R440   Samsung NP-R440   Samsung NT-R440  

Samsung R458   Samsung NP-R458   Samsung NT-R458  

Samsung R460   Samsung NP-R460   Samsung NT-R460  

Samsung R462   Samsung NP-R462   Samsung NT-R462  

Samsung R463   Samsung NP-R463   Samsung NT-R463  

Samsung R464   Samsung NP-R464   Samsung NT-R464  

Samsung R465   Samsung NP-R465   Samsung NT-R465  

Samsung R466   Samsung NP-R466   Samsung NT-R466  

Samsung R467   Samsung NP-R467   Samsung NT-R467  

Samsung R468   Samsung NP-R468   Samsung NT-R468  

Samsung R470   Samsung NP-R470   Samsung NT-R470  

Samsung R522   Samsung NP-R522   Samsung NT-R522  

Samsung R478   Samsung NP-R478   Samsung NT-R478  

Samsung R480   Samsung NP-R480   Samsung NT-R480  

Samsung RC410   Samsung NP-RC410  


Samsung RC420   Samsung NP-RC420   Samsung NT-RC420  

Samsung RC425   Samsung NP-RC425   Samsung NT-RC425  

Samsung RF411   Samsung NP-RF411   Samsung NT-RF411  

Samsung RV408   Samsung NP-RV408   Samsung NT-RV408  

Samsung RV410   Samsung NP-RV410   Samsung NT-RV410  

Samsung RV508   Samsung NP-RV508   Samsung NT-RV508  

Samsung Q330   Samsung NP-Q330   Samsung NT-Q330  

Samsung QX310   Samsung NP-QX310   Samsung NT-QX310  

Samsung Q230   Samsung NP-Q230   Samsung NT-Q230  

Samsung Q318   Samsung NP-Q318   Samsung NT-Q318  

Samsung P428   Samsung NP-P428   Samsung NT-P428  

Samsung P230   Samsung NP-P230   Samsung NT-P230  

Samsung P330   Samsung NP-P330   Samsung NT-P330  

Samsung SF310   Samsung NP-SF310   Samsung NT-SF310  

Samsung SF311   Samsung SF311   Samsung NP-SF311  

Samsung SF410   Samsung NP-SF410   Samsung NT-SF410  

Samsung SF411   Samsung NP-SF411  


Samsung X330   Samsung NP-X330   Samsung NT-X330  

Samsung X331   Samsung NP-X331   Samsung NT-X331  

Samsung X430   Samsung NP-X430   Samsung NT-X430  

Samsung X431   Samsung NP-X431   Samsung NT-X431  

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